Pappa Rich

The Challenge

PappaRich is a Malaysian restaurant franchise that operates globally and now has over 30 restaurant outlets around Australia and is seeking to continually grow. PappaRich engaged Sprout Online to increase its website traffic and subsequently its social media engagement, in order to attract more views and reactions and heighten its brand awareness, online buzz and store traffic.

The Approach

Sprout Online thoroughly optimised PappaRich’s website for SEO, and provided the framework for an SEO structure that would be more conducive for being found for relevant keywords in Google Search. Our agency also took over the management of their social media, implementing appealing visual content and witty, playful captions to increase engagement.

The Result

Within 12 months of performing SEO, Sprout Online’s work took the PappaRich website to the top position of Google for 72 primary keywords, increasing monthly organic traffic by 81.51% to over 35,000 web visits a month. Additionally our social media work for PappaRich has resulted in a 53% increase in social media post engagement, keeping the brand highly relevant and front-of-mind amongst its audience.

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