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A Bit About Us

At Sprout Online, we provide online marketing services that are aimed at generating a return on investment for our clients. We believe that the online brand of each client is a seed that we have been entrusted with to take care of, to nourish and to grow to its fullest potential. Our aim is to provide the resources, work, monitoring and care to enable your business to fully Sprout Online. We seek to achieve results by understanding your business and brand.

And from this understanding, we devise an effective digital strategy that utilises the right mix of web marketing and digital advertising activities to achieve objectives. In the same way a seed needs the right mixture of fertiliser and natural elements to grow, your brand needs the right mix of digital assets and activities to flourish online. A key point of differentiation at Sprout Online is our ability to form an effective strategy that pinpoints the assets that need to be developed, as well as identify the most effective service mix of online activities to generate extraordinary results.



Ensuring all our communications and work is honest, transparent, and clear, and what we say we will do, we get done.


Performing high quality work that captivates, compels, and converts. Work that meets the objectives of our clients and drives value through a return on their investment.


Possessing a growth-mindset to improve ourselves and constantly improve the growth of our client’s businesses


Krystal is our Client Management Director. She knows more about Korean dramas more than anyone else on the team – she even knows the name of the actors and their dogs (with her superior social media stalking skills, of course).

She’s got extensive account management experience and her people skills are second to none. Besides being the glue that holds it all together, she makes Sprout, well…. SPROUT to its fullest potential. We love Krystal as much as she loves instant noodles. Which is a lot.



Client Management Director

Grace is our Account Manager. When she’s not busting through roadblocks, she’s either going for her 5th walk of the day or queuing at the newest café around the corner. Despite indulging in fresh pastries, sandwiches and desserts every day – her pants size has remained the same.

She has an eye for detail and knows how to deliver exceptional projects for our clients. During our team meetings, Grace spends most of her time rolling her eyes at Gav’s jokes. She’s pretty much perfected the art of it.


Account Manager

Abi is our Designer. She’s in charge of all things design, and she aces all her tasks wearing the coolest thrift shop outfit with the quirky earrings to match. Her creative flair has helped to spice up many of our clients’ campaigns.

In her free time, she’s paper crafting on her Instagram or teaching art classes to little kids. Abi also enjoys watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, scrolling through memes on Facebook and being the best godmother (or as she refers to it, ‘dogma’) to her best friend’s goldie, Mushu. 



Cindy is our SEO Manager. Coming from a background in advertising, she’s fast, analytical and an expert at optimising our clients’ websites for search engines. Vibrant and full of life, she loves to travel around the world – ticking places off her bucket list.

Backed by her two feisty cat assistants named Lana Meow Rey and Meowchine Gun Kelly, Cindy co-owns a creative studio with her husband, focusing on both digital and physical visual art. Besides SEO, she’s an expert at two things; napping and Netflix.


SEO Manager

Jacie is our Content Manager. She has always loved content: making it, consuming it and talking about it, with a particular soft spot for novels. Some say her secret in churning out content is her bionic fingers (not actually real), but we all know she’s just good at getting work done. Her love of writing first started at a young age – a combination of The Sims, browsing the dictionary in between loading times and the power of imagination. Go figure. When she’s not writing, she’s probably playing with her gorgeous pup. 

Content Manager

Heather is our Ads & Data Manager. A whiz with the numbers, she ensures all of our campaigns are running at the highest levels.

The quintessential foodie of the team, she’s always posting professional, mouth-watering shots of her culinary adventures online for the world to admire (and salivate over). She loves all types of food – especially a good cuppa and an all-carb diet. As the youngest member of our team, she’s almost always seen laughing at our attempts to be cool. 


Ads & Data Manager

Modasser is our SEO & Google Ads Executive. Impossibly fast and strong, he speaks like he’s from a different time. Vampire? No. He’s just really efficient. When the rest of the team is going bananas, Modasser always keeps his eye on the prize. Whether it’s analysing metrics or crunching data, he plays an integral role in keeping Sprout running smoothly. A proud dad to three beautiful boys, Modasser also has his sights on a personal goal – creating a family cricket team. He’s actually almost halfway there!

SEO & Google Ads Executive

A driven go-getter who loves meeting and working with people, Amanda kickstarted her career in graphic design and events before founding a web design business. She finds it fulfilling to use her skills in SEO, web design and marketing to help business owners improve their Google rankings and increase their sales. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys photography, scrapbooking family photos and raising adorable golden retrievers. She is proudest of her two adult children and her preferred coffee order is a decaf almond milk iced latte – blended, not stirred!


Local SEO Consultant

With his versatile skills and years of business know-how, Gav develops multiple areas of the company and is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. When he’s not meeting clients, he’s either asleep or obsessively cycling around Melbourne. This combined with his love for board games and bad jokes have many here concerned, but not at all surprised. His favourite weapon of choice is a polo shirt. Occasional crinkled collars included.



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