The Challenge

ADLV Launched in 2017 with its first store in Korea’s Gangnam district. Penetrating the Australian market with its first physical store in Melbourne in May 2021, ADLV required a strategy to rapidly increase brand presence in the local market.

The Approach

As the brand was new to the Australian market, our digital marketing strategy rolled out in three phases. Phase 1 involved website development, organic social media posts and paid ads. Phase 2 involved email marketing and influencer marketing. Phase 3, yet to be rolled out, will involve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads.

The Result

Within the span of 4 months, we have launched their full e-commerce website in Australia, collaborated with over 20 Australian influencers, and increased follower growth by 300% in the first month of launch. Our most recent paid ads promotion has resulted in a 130% increase in sales within a one-week period from campaign launch.

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