Social Media Management

At Sprout Online, we perform high-quality content and visually driven social media that will drive the following results for you:
Increase brand awareness

We’ll look to show your brand to relevant audiences to develop and reinforce your company’s brand awareness

Develop your following

We’ll grow your follows through the use of various growth strategies and creative, thoughtful and attractive content

Increase website traffic

With effective social media advertising, we will attract more traffic from the right users to your website

Multiply your leads and sales

We implement landing pages with engaging content and visuals that will enable service leads and product purchases to be increased through your website. 


Why Choose Sprout Online as your Social Media Agency?


Honest Transparent Work

Unlike some other agencies that make big promises but don’t produce any work, we make a point to ensure the work we say gets done, gets done! And are fully able to show you what work we have produced every month.


Exceptional Content & Design

We have a dedicated content and design team to ensure that all content created is to a high standard, and will represent your brand effectively.


A Focus on ROI

We are dedicated to delivering the results when it comes to rankings, traffic and leads to grow your business and produce a return in your investment.


We Don’t Lock You In

Our work is based on a month-to-month retainer, which means you can cancel at any time if you don’t believe what we are doing is working.


Our Work Is Inhouse

We don’t outsource Google Ads to another offshore company but have a homegrown inhouse team that work according to our developed and proven approach to get you results.

What we can provide

Amazing Content & Design

We’ll create content and design visuals that engage your audience and effectively reflect your brand

Engaging Video & Stories

We can create and edit videos for your social media content and create stories to engage your audience on Instagram

User Engagement

We’ll look to respond to your audience when users comment or message, and even keep a database of messages and responses so we know just what to reply next time someone asks 

Influencer Management

To enable your brand and following to grow, we can reach out to influencers for you and coordinate effective collaborations

Social Media Advertising

Through the use of social media advertising, we can run and optimise campaigns that will achieve your objectives and convert users to drive leads and sales

Landing Page Development

We build high-quality landing pages as part of our Social Ads management and continually look to test and improve landing pages so performance is maximised

Get Your Business Sprouting